Baz Luhrmann is currently putting the final touches to his much anticipated version of The Great Gatsby. Starring Leonardo di Caprio and Carey Mulligan, the film is the fourth movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal novel.

What do you think? We love the cinematography and overall Art deco feel but are seriously turned off by the Kanye and Jay-Z soundtrack…

5 Responses

  1. vintagesiren

    I am so sad. I had such high hopes for this movie and it looks absolutely dreadful. The hair and make-up are wrong (not ONE fingerwave?), the clothing is wrong (one of the “showgirls” is wearing stiletto pointed toe boots) and “Cool”?!? No one said “Cool” in the 1920s. Not to mention the cinematography makes it look like a 1920s themed P-Diddy video AND they misspelled Ziegfeld Follies on the Times Square sign! That is just unacceptable.

  2. Paul Hayward

    Today Hollywood loves to blow up classics. In comparison with 1974 versión is worse. I don’t like it at all.

  3. Penny Dreadful Vintage

    I can’t wait. One of the things I like about Baz Luhrmann’s films is that they are about the spectacle rather than being strictly historic – like his take on Romeo and Juliet, which I loved. So the soundtrack doesn;t bother me at all, I really hope it will be great 🙂

  4. Helga

    I adore Baz Luhrmans films,and never expected him to make this for the purists! Not sure about the music,but love the crazy over-the-top look.
    I am open to whatever Baz has made of it, and will treausre the original novel as a seperate entity!