popIf you’re in Central London and fancy a bit of vintage shopping, you would usually be told to get on the next tube to Camden Town or Brick Lane. But just a stone’s throw from Oxford Street, in the back roads of Covent Garden, you will find Seven Dials, a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous boutiques specialising in vintage goodies. Isabella Buckland has taken a closer look.



Going to Pop is like going to the best jumble sale ever. In business since 1983, they believe that vintage has become too expensive and has been priced out of the range of the people who started it. With this in mind, you know that you are going to grab a bargain.

Every wall in the shop is bursting with Fifties, Sixties, Seventies  and Eighties clothes for boys and girls, ass well as various retro toys, kitsch and knick-knacks adorning every flat surface available. There are literally piles of bags and boots all starting from around £15.

This is the perfect place for a seasoned vintage shopper to spend an afternoon rooting through all the rails and trying on bat-wing jumpers and vintage sunnies. If this is your first foray into vintage, it could be a little overwhelming as there is so much in here, but staff are super friendly and are happy for you to squeeze into the changing room by the till, while they will give you an honest opinion on if things suit you.

As well as the classic vintage , they recycle old dresses and materials to make them into modern styled items such as skirts and boob-tube dresses.

6 Monmouth St.
Seven Dials
London WC2
+44 (0)20 7497 5262

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  1. Cat

    Quite weirdly, I’m wearing a skirt I bought from there. It’s a lovely shop.