We asked vintage hair and make-up specialists Amanda, who runs vintage beauty business Lipstick & Curls, for her top tips on hair products and styling tools to achieve a whole range of vintage hair styles. Here are her recommendations.

A question that I get asked often at Lipstick & Curls is if there are any particular products I would recommend for vintage styling. These days the market is swamped with a wide range of different types of styling products and tools making choosing products a little confusing.

Lipstick_and_curls_4When we look at the vintage styling that we so long to recreate, we actually know that the products women used to have available to them (certainly pre-Fifties ) were very limited to the average girl, so they would improvise and use what was available around the home.

Hairspray, a key product in vintage styling, wasn’t available until 1950, and women weren’t using the product until much later in the decade. However, the difference it made to the styles of the time is easily visible – in my opinion it is a revolutionary product that changed the way we shape hair forever.

Most of the original styling products are no longer available these days, however there are a few that have made it into modern day society. I do think that although these products are still great, they don’t fit into modern day styling. We also of course have products that are better and that are constantly being developed to suit modern day needs and styling requirements.

As a Vintage Hairstylist I have tried a vast amount of products (including the originals) and have found some favorites that I couldn’t live without both on a professional and personal level. Here are a few I would like to share with you:

L’Oreal Studio Mineral Control Invisi’gel Extra Strength

Starting with the earlier styling of the Twenties, the traditional way to style the hair would have been to brush soaking wet hair with a similar styling gel into waves and then pin and leave to set – very time consuming, and a style I do less frequently. The set can then be brushed and styled once dry.

babyliss_pro_ceramic_dial_a_heat_tong_24mm_1_1_1_1_1_1Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial A Heat Tong

This is a tool I couldn’t work without, it is essential for setting the hair, creating curls, waves and rolls, and I have even found a method of doing early waving with dry hair and a tong.

Babyliss Pro Professional 20 Piece Roller Set

If you re lucky enough to find a good set of the old Carmen rollers, you will find they work just as well, if not better! However these are a replica of the old classics and work perfectly for all of my Sixties and Seventies styles.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Mousse 

I don’t use setting lotions although some are still available in most drugstores. Setting lotion wouldn’t work with the styles I do, as much time is needed for the hair to set prior to final styling. I usually only get one hour with a client, therefore I have had to find a similar method of styling but using dry hair. I usually use this mousse (can be used on dry hair and dries straight away) and a tong.

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray

As mentioned earlier, all the styles I do wouldn’t be possible without a good hairspray, and I go through large quantities! Look for a strong hold without stickiness, as it is important you can brush out your styles.

Hair Pins

I use hairpins to secure a lot of my pleats, victory rolls, beehives and buns. I couldn’t work with out these. They are available is all hair colours.

Hair Grips/Kirby grips/Bobby Pins

Essential for gripping styles into place prior to pinning the style in place. Again styling wouldn’t be possible without these.

Dax Purple Super NeatSection Clips/Duck Clips

Crucial for holding partings and shapes in place. Also great for setting heavy hair.

Metal Prong Tail comb

I use this for every style. Ideal for parting and sectioning, also great for backcombing and teasing the hair.

Bristle brush

This is my smoothing brush; it smooths out my backcombing and is also great for brushing out curls. I have a Mason and Pearson brush, which is the best, but there are a lot of good replicas on the market. Try finding a pure bristle one, as it will make a big difference to your styling.

Dax Purple Super Neat

Great for smoothing over frizz and for neatening the hair prior to rolling and shaping.






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