sketchy1If you are bored of your bog standard life drawing classes and fancy trying your hand at something different, get your paper and pens down to Dr Sketchy for an evening of art, burlesque and fun. Jenny Butler writes.

Dr Sketchy was brought to life in 2005 by artist Molly Crabapple in New York City and has become an international phenomenon that takes place in 80 cities around the world. Now the world’s premier alternative drawing movement, over 3,500 artists gather in nearly a hundred cities (including New York, Hollywood, Sao Paolo, London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo and Melbourne) every month to sketch glamorous models and compete in drawing contests in an atmosphere of artistic mayhem.

Dr. Sketchy classes are a brilliant way of learning a new skill – drawing – without the seriousness, and dare I say it, awkwardness of conventional life drawing classes. Each evening class features beautiful burlesque performers, circus acts and hot beefcakes, who will strike various poses for you to sketch.

Rounds of sketching alternate with burlesque performances, so there is plenty of time too to grab a drink, relax and get chatting to your fellow art students. And don’t worry, there is nothing sleazy about these live drawing classes, which mostly take place in pubs or bars, with people of all ages and usually more girls than men attending a Dr. Sketchy evening.

Last night’s Dr Sketchy was held at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, and the pub was full of both keen artists and those who were just there for a good show. Burlesque dancer Dusty Limits was the hostess for the night and kept the audience entertained throughout: “Now get some fresh paper, we are not rationing, the type of person who won’t use all their paper is the type of person who still has Easter eggs in June”. The models for the evening included burlesque queen Kiki Kaboom, dressed as a geek, and Hooray Henry – in full on safari explorer gear.

sketchy2To put everyone at ease, the evening’s catchphrase was ‘everyone can draw’, and the occasional tap on the shoulder as Dusty went round to check the drawings, helped everyone who couldn’t draw feel a little better. My sketch alone was enough to make your eyes water!

A constant sell out, the pub being packed with at least 50 people, Dr Sketchy had a great atmosphere, fun and friendly, with complete strangers talking to each other and drawing on each other’s sketch pads, such friendly interaction being a rarity in London!

To find out more about Dr Sketchy and  to see if there is a class near you click here.

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    Dr. Sketchy is really giving a bang in the world of art and i read many blogs regarding Dr. Sketchy drawing classes and its a good way to learn art and drawing because one can easily learn drawing with a relaxing mind.