As the editor of a vintage mag you get to meet lot’s of lovely people (yeah, it’s a hard life!), and last week I caught up with Rachael, owner of online vintage shop ‘It’s Vintage Darling’. We had a great time chatting away about our favourite vintage decades and her amazing stock of vintage goodies, but best of all Rachael has let me in on where to go thrift shopping in LA!

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I graduated with a degree in Fashion Studies in 2005. When I started researching my own vintage-inspired handbag collection I found so many vintage handbags that I loved.

From there it took me about six months to get the website together and launch ‘It’s Vintage Darling’. Initially I only sold bags but now I’m stocking pretty much everything! I just love vintage and the whole vintage look.

So do you wear vintage every day?
Definitely! I usually mix vintage and high street. To go out in the evening I always wear vintage though. There’s nothing worse than turning
up at a party only to find another girl wearing the same dress as you.
During the day I am really into stretchy 80s dresses.

I remember my first ever vintage buy when I was sixteen. It was a pair of yellow stilettos from Topshop Dolly Rockers Vintage.  I wore them until they fell apart!

I love Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake. They embody the whole Hollywood glamour! I’m really into the whole blond bombshell and admire them both for their amazing hair. I also love Blondie though!

Who are your vintage idols?

Any favourite vintage items?
Sometimes it’s really hard to sell some of the vintage stuff I find. One item I’ll never give away is this amazing 30s art deco bag (see left).

What is your favourite item in your shop right now?
Rachael: I love this 80s bodycon dress, it’s so Marc Jacobs AW09!




Where do you source your stock?
I travel a lot and go to Paris and Milan. But I really love LA for vintage shopping. One of my favourite shops is Wastland Vintage on 7528 Melrose Avenue. It is supposed to be quite high-end vintage and second hand but I found it really affordable.

I also like Decades Vintage just down the road from Wasteland, which has amazing designer items.

For bargain hunters the best place to go is Jet Rag on 825 N La Brea Ave. On Sundays the staff take out all the stock into the car park and nothing costs more than $1 (see left).