Image 1Syd Divine, vintage stylist, model, lifestyle enthusiast and blogger, regularly shares her fashion inspiration on Alley Kats, an online vintage store. This month, she takes her style inspiration from the upcoming Christmas festivities.

I am so excited to be moving right along into the spirit and fashion of Christmas for this month’s fashion inspiration. I will be concentrating on the elements of Christmas, using small signature pieces such as colors, fabrics, flowers and jewellery from the season in a graceful way to incorporate into your vintage fashions for all of the Christmas parties, dinners and events taking place in late December.

I decided for this fashion article, I was going to pick an outfit from each era, beginning with the Thirties and ending in the Fifties, which will give a broader spectrum of inspiration for enthusiast of several eras of fashion.

First up on the list is a gorgeous green Thirties-inspired dress from Able Grable. Simply Thirties golden age, screen maven glamour in every way, this dress is perfect for an elegant Christmas evening. In fact it is called the “Dream Girl 1932” and is shown here modeled by the lovely Fleur De Guerre.

Image 2In my mind, the ideal accessories for this dress are deco emeralds. Here is an idea of what I’m referring to.I saw this divine necklace on Etsy.

To make the look complete, here are a pair of amazing Thirties gold lame shoes perfect for a glamorous night of dancing and recreating some of Ginger Rodger’s fancy footwork!

Available from Etsy store Adeline’s Attic.



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