British eyeware label Cutler and Gross has been around for more than 40 years. Favoured by screen icons and rock stars alike, it’s time to look back at some of their most famous frames.

The luxury eyewear label, which started out in 1969, has always been quintessentially British. Their glasses and shades have a hint of rebellion that defies fashion trends and tries to capture a classic cool rather than whatever is ‘in’ at the moment.

Not surprisingly then that British film legend Michael Caine is one of their clients. His thick-framed black glasses in this famous David Bailey shot add an interesting hint of sophistication to his East End bad boy look.

In Billy Wilder’s 1959 film Some Like It Hot Tony Curtis plays a musician on the run from the mob. He and his friend, the hilariousJack Lemmon, decide to pose as women and join an all female orchestra.

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe soon causes all sorts of problems as Curtis’ character falls for her and pretends to be a millionaire yacht-owner. Curits’ fake posh accent is legendary, his captains outfit complete with Cutler and Gross sunglasses remains one of the sexiest moments of the film.

When Jarvis Cocker burst onto the Brit Pop scene with Pulp he became an unlikely sex symbol. His look of huge black nerd glasses and vintage outfits made him the coolest of all frontmen. Gallagher who?




4 Responses

  1. isabelle

    I’m a huge fan of Cutler and Gross. Your post is excellent. I love the picture of Michael Caine. Elvis Costello was great as well with his Way Farer styled frames.

  2. Timeless Collection

    40 years old and still the best! I was about to buy some C&G sunglasses recently until I realised topshop had ripped them off, so before long everyone would be wearing them. Clearly in a cheaper more breakable variety! so annoying though

  3. Stephanie

    Correction, in the iconic David Bailey shot of Michael Caine shown above, Michael is wearing a frame designed by Oliver Goldsmith called Lord. Not a Cutler & Gross frame as is stated in the article.

  4. graham

    Cutler and Gross started in 1969, so no frames existed before this! Thus, their frames could not appear in a 1959 film!