London Fashion Week Men’s, held in June, seems to have passed by with little mention in the mainstream press compared to its women’s equivalent.  Luckily, with three months of summer still ahead of us, there is still ample opportunity for men interested in fashion to explore and discover classic styles and trends. Here are some tips on how to integrate vintage classics into your summer wardrobe.

At a Wedding

Unless they know they’ve made the ‘definite’ list for the stag or hen do, the thought of opening up an RSVP for a summer wedding can fill some people with dread. Whether you’re a plus one for your partner or invited yourself, you know as soon as you see it in your post box, ‘you’re cordially invited..’ you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of money on someone else’s big day once you’ve factored in their gift, the hotel and the cost of a new outfit. The only silver lining is that it’s an opportunity to get yourself dressed up for the event.

An Experian report has shown recently that 1 in 6 individuals decline an invitation to a loved one’s wedding because they are worried about the cost. If the thought of splashing out on a new three piece suit is a bit much, buying a few pieces to pair with clothes you have already can work wonders. A vintage tie, waistcoat, or even a set of cufflinks can breathe a breath of fresh air into an outfit that’s not seen the light of day since wedding season last year.

At the Racecourse

Whether you’re actually into racing or just along for a day out, Racedays give you a great chance to try out new styles that you wouldn’t do usually. Even if you spend the day huddled next to the bar, rather than out on the grass, paler shades of suit are welcomed at race-meets, rather than sniggered at.

Think Gregory Peck in 60s style pastel blue in ‘A Roman Holiday.’ Similarly, trying out something a little different, like a brightly-coloured tie or a patterned handkerchief in your top pocket that can earn you winning compliments, even if your horses fall at the first hurdle.

So when you’re online checking the daily horse racing tips, aviator-clad, drink in hand, at least you’ll feel like you look the part.

At a BBQ

Last but definitely not least is the humble BBQ. Step away from the safe and trusted flip flop, shorts and T-shirt ‘Brit abroad’ combination when the sun comes out. A gathering with friends and family, a barbecue means it’s time to nail ‘smart casual’. Spend less time choosing your outfit, and more time becoming master of the meat.

Striped Bretton Ts, Kaftan style tunics and collarless Nehru linen shirts are all easy to throw on and will be comfortable enough after your third burger.

It really is the easiest summer look to wear, and the aim here is James Dean or early John Lennon in stripes, BBQ tong and all, rather than a sunburnt footballer in Spain enjoying an ice-lolly.

There’s little need to feel bitter that London Fashion Week Men’s has passed us by, you can still nail a few classic summer looks at your upcoming social events.

All images Pixabay