Despite not belonging to any period whatsoever, Dr Who has always brought a bit of quirky vintage-inspired garb to our television screens in his many incarnations. But who is the Doctor whose style you want to pinch? From Matt Smith to Tom Baker, George Walker looks at some of the most stylish Dr Whos from the Timelord’s 47-year reign.

Whether you’re a sci-fi nut or not, there’s no denying that Dr Who has brought some of the most eye-catching vintage style to our screens. Patchwork scarves, long billowing cloaks and smart dickie bows are the first things that come to mind. Travelling in his Fifties telephone box (or tardis), the time traveller has always brought with him a great deal of intrigue  – most notably in his sense of style.

The eleventh Dr Who, Matt Smith, who took up the role for the series just aired on our screens here in the UK, once again proved that classic British style worn in a retro, fun way is the only suitable attire for a timelord fighting off darleks, talking brains and killer robots.

Part-Fifties dandy, part geography teacher, the new Dr Who looks like he’s spent many of his jaunts into the past making stops at Saville Row tailors and rural clothing shops. Tweed jackets, slim-fit patterned shirts and, of course, the neat bow tie – this is a Dr Who that shows how to do a vintage-inspired look to great effect.

But which other Drs have inspired us to rummage in our local vintage shops for something a bit out of the ordinary?


For many, Tom Baker was – and will always be – the best Dr Who. As the fourth timelord, his eccentric sense of style and  characterisation entranced viewers with wit and a sense of danger.

Tom Baker made the Dr Who scarf a recognisable garment which we still reference today. Long, colourful and wrapped around the Dr’s neck like his very own technicolour dream coat, this scarf summed up the character’s erratic, humorous and colourful character.

Add to that the layering up of patterns, long, flowing coats and a beaten-up fedora, and Tom Baker’s Dr Who becomes one of the most stylish Dr Whos. He really did look like he’d ransacked each decade of style and put it together in a swirl of individuality.


Jon Pertwee may well have been a more serious, tormented Dr Who, but his clothing still showed off a bit of Dr Who’s trademark quirky humour.

Pertwee’s Dr Who loved a bit of velvet and ruffles, channeling Seventies disco style in distinguished muted colours. With a mop of unruly grey curls sat atop his so-very stern face (he was responsible for the future of the human race, after all), this Dr always looked a little crazed, but very, very cool.

Perhaps not the easiest of looks to pull off, but John Pertwee’s timelord made us think about adding a few superfluous features to our standard uniform of jackets and ties.


If you don’t recognise this Dr Who, you can be forgiven. Paul McGann played the Dr in the 1996 tv film Dr Who, shown in both American and the UK. Although he didn’t get a full series, he made for a very dapper incarnation of the timetraveller.

With a snappy cravat and dusty tailcoat (complete with the all-important pocket watch), McGann was a Dickensian-style Dr Who who showed the dramatic appearance of upper-class Victorian men’s wear.

With that imposing stare and sharp tailoring, any darlek would roll off in fear.

4 Responses

  1. Dee

    Hooray for a Doctor Who bit! But there are so many Doctors left out of this article, and I have to put in a vote for number 10. David Tennant and his skinny pinstripe suits, long trenchcoat, and trainers are so spiffy.

  2. Sophia Walker

    Of course Tom Baker takes the prize, but Matt Smith is quite wonderful I think. A mix of T. Baker and Troughton thrown in, but an imitation of neither.

  3. Chris

    Nice article! Eleven is my favorite Doctor! One small issue though, TARDIS is spelled in all caps because it stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. In the article it’s in lower case. Yes I am a Doctor Who geek. 😀 XD 😉