Soap & Glory PackVintage- inspired cosmetics range Soap & Glory has been a hit among many retro ladies for a while now, but can their new men’s range impress a true vintage gent? After a few days shaving, scrubbing and styling, George Walker reveals whether this range can really make you Vintage Kings any more dapper (if that’s possible).

Scrubbing Up

I’ve tried the majority of the Soap & Glory men’s range and I’m happy to report that the products are just as good value as their female counterparts. The sprays, gels and creams are full of enlivening smells based on natural fragrances, with some clever ingredients that will keep your face and body fresh, scented and blemish free.

One of my favourite products was the ‘Billy Wildhair’ hair sculpting putty.  The product has a great non-greasy finish which was perfect for holding a Fifties quiff or messed-up grungy style. At £5.49 for a sizable pot, it’s also very good value.

Other favourites included ‘A Man’s Got to Dew’ facial moisturising balm with witch hazel to stop pesky spots, the extremely refreshing shower gel ‘The Clean of England’ and the slightly spicy deodorant body spray ‘Al Fresco’ (although why they need a separate non-deodorant version is beyond me).

One flaw is the lack of a cohesive face care range. We boys may act tough, but all that shaving makes our cheeks sore sometimes, so most men’s grooming ranges now include facial washes and face scrubs to make shaving easier. Sadly Soap & Glory haven’t included theseBilly Wildhair products, which is a shame as the shave gel and moisturising balm both work wonders.

My only other negative thought about the products themselves is that none of them really feel like you’re using a vintage-inspired product. If you’re really into vintage-style male grooming, you’d be better off buying a traditional shaving brush, razor and classic aftershave from a time-honoured men’s grooming company.





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