Meet out latest Vintage King, Richard. This Chicago-based gentleman has a huge passion for vintage and formal man’s attire.

“I have always been and avid admirer of all things vintage- clothing, accessories, housewares, automobiles, architecture, art, and more.

In June of 2012 I decided to take my passion for “old stuff” and turn it into my full time business (RichardsFabulousFinds), but with an untapped niche: Men’s Only!

Residing in the great city of Chicago, there is such a vibrant vintage community! They have embraced me as one of their own, and I am so thrilled to be doing this for a living – taking my love of vintage, my love of people, and love of educating men on fashion and how to incorporate their previously adored garments into the modern world. It’s a lot of work sometimes, but it’s worth it!

Vintage also has a big appeal for me in regards to the green movement. One of my favorite “Richard-isms” is: Go VINTAGE, go GREEN, and look GREAT doing it! Recycling clothing and keeping it out of the landfill is a passion. It’s better for everyone! Plus today’s clothing is not made to last, period. Another quote, ” If it’s already lasted 50 years, it’s going to last another 50 more”

As you can tell by my collections, I am hardcore into the tailored eras, 1900 – Sixties, when men wore a hat every day and would never leave the house without at least a tie on. Of all of the men’s style icons, I connect mostly with Gary Cooper. He truly had style and knew how mix his patterns with such panache! From his youth to his later years, he was always well heeled. Don’t we all like that in a man?

I search everywhere for pieces, but I especially love church bazaars and estate sales. Knowing a little bit of history behind the garments just adds to the connection that can be made to the past. Imagine a Twenties vintage men’s tuxedo and think, “Was it worn to a speakeasy or maybe rubbed elbows with Al Capone?” – that’s what makes me love what I do!


images: Leilani


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  1. Eric

    I took the photo of Richard with the car at the Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Grapevine, Texas.