Meet our latest King of Vintage, Ben, aka 1940s Ben who lives and dresses entirely inspired by the Thirties and Forties.

” Hi, I am Ben Morgan (1940s Ben) and I live in the East Midlands of the United Kingdom. I am currently a part time chef and period film extra, and I am aiming to become a period film actor.

I often get asked ‘why vintage’ and I reply, I like to be different and all I know is vintage. The era I specialize in is the Thirties/Forties. For me this is when people had respect for each other, were smartly dressed, had pride and lots more (I could be here for ever explaining).

Another thing I always get asked is how I got into vintage. From a young age I always looked at family photographs, especially those of my great-grandparents when they were roughly the same age I am now (20) and I said “One day I will look like Grampy Bool and live the way he did” and to this day I still look through his photographs for suits he wore. I now mostly live and dress like he did.

For me I don’t have style idols as I just choose what style I like, either from looking at family photographs, books or from the films of the eras. I also ask the older generation and fellow Thirties and Forties people for advice.

I often get asked where I buy my clothes and I usually get them from charity shops, eBay, antique shops, at Forties events and through Darcy Clothing (only for shirts).”

3 Responses

  1. A-belle

    What a dapper gent! So glad there are men out there paying attention to the fashions of those times. You look great – wonderful attention to detail.

  2. Aurora Torres

    Ben looks great! Even though his style is ’30’s and ’40’s, he honestly looks like a man of the Jazz Age. He reminds me a lot of Harold Lloyd! Way to go Ben! Keep up with your style, it’s magnificent!