300Once upon a time ladies would carry a hand-embroidered handkerchief, often with their initials delicately stitched into a corner. No self-respecting gentleman would be seen without one in his top pocket. In our age of throw-away tissues, handkerchiefs are sadly all but forgotten. Enter ethical label tamielle who are on a mission to bring back the good old hanky with their range of vintage-inspired handkerchiefs.

Superseded in modern times by its paper quivalent, the handkerchif has become hard to find. Dedicated users and vintage lovers will be delighted to know that Tamar Kovener of ethical label tamielle is seeking to change this. Her Handkerchief Club is aimed at reviving “one of the most beautiful, romantic products ever to exist”.

For centuries women have gathered to embroider, quilt or weave together, and this ‘club’ provided a place to speak, listen, laugh and cry. Tamielle is reviving this practice in its production process.

Whilst the designs are quintessentially English, the products are made with much love by women working from their homes in rural parts of Bulgaria. Each hanky comes with a little tag identifying the name of the woman who made it.

301Designed for men and women, the handkerchiefs are decorated with a combination of embroidery and digitally printed vintage motifs inspired by vintage finds, the Twenties and Victorian times.

Tamielle also stocks Bergamot cushions for drawers, a travel kit with a cotton shoe bag and scented cushion for the suitcase, as well as cards.

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