One of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars, actor Joan Crawford was meticulous about following a strict beauty regime to retain her youthful looks. Here are some of the – rather strange – beauty secrets she allegedly stuck to.

According to O, The Oprah Magazine, as a mask and conditioner for her dry hair, Joan used mayonnaise, which she’d leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

In her book My Way Of Life Joan suggests avoiding cushioned seats as they “spread the hips”.

She also advises you walk around the house with toes pointed inward, for extra leg toning.

Joan chewed lots of gum, believing it would tone her face.

After cleansing her face, she’d splash it with ice cold water 25 times for additional toning.

On starting a beauty club with your friends to measure your dieting success she said: “Do the weighing in and measuring every week on the same day. A woman will give up anything – from a fudge sundae to a dry martini or a grilled-cheese sandwich – to beat her fellow club members to a slim finish. She may lose a friend or two, but she’ll gain loveliness, and her husband’s pride and admiration. THAT’S worth a couple of fat friends!”

Joan would blast her body with cold water after a warm shower to “shrink pores”.

If you can find a second-hand copy of My Way Of Life do get it – Joan has rules for absolutely everything, and most are extremely eccentric!

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