So you’re out and about vintage shopping when you come across some perfectly nice vintage ballet flats. There’s nothing wrong with them but there’s nothing amazing about them either. Not to worry, Isabella Buckland has some tricks up her sleeve on how to jazz up a shoe or two.

I love finding vintage goodies in charity shops, car boots or in the back of my nan’s wardrobe. But sometimes my vintage finds can be a little dull or just not special enough for me to truly love them. Unfortunately when it comes to customizing, I really don’t love sewing or anything that takes more than 20 minuets to complete. As a result, I have collected a few cheats and tricks that each add that little twist and make your vintage gems all your own. This time I’ll show you how to jazz up plain pumps.

I found a great pair of flat black suede pumps in a charity shop. I also found a fantastic pair of vintage clip-on earrings that Pat Butcher would be proud of! Well, its only natural to combine the two! This is a totally versatile way to add a bit of interest to a dull pair of shoes, simply clip on and go!




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