Let’s get real for a second, okay? Repeat after me: human beings are not games. So you know those apps on your phone where it’s super fun to just swipe left or swipe right to pick a date or whatever? Yeah… not a game! Our elders were playing somewhat different games when they were younger, and what’s lovely is that they often still are. We could learn a lot about how to have some good, old fashioned fun again from previous generations, and here are just a few ideas that’ll help you see why!

Okay, it’s all good. This is not suggesting to purple rinse your hair just yet (although in fairness, that’s actually pretty cool these days). Instead, you can get involved with bingo in a way that won’t have you thinking of Grandma Sue, like from the comfort of your very own home for example. 32Red Bingo is especially great for both newbies and the experienced, and then you have plenty of other bingo sites out there too, like City Bingo or Wow Bingo. Doing things online gives you loads of benefits, the best being that you don’t have to embarrass yourself if you get too over excited. And let’s face it, you’ll probably get too excited! Stick to the likes of 32Red Bingo and you’re all good for some great (modern) vintage fun.
Board Games
Remember when Saturday nights didn’t mean half the population stumbled out of nightclubs on every street corner across the UK’s cities? Well, okay, this has always happened, but as children we were blissfully ignorant. Saturdays would often mean family time, a time for playing the classics, such as Monopoly or Cluedo. In fact, some people suggest that playing board games isn’t just a nice break from the daily grind, but that it can actually be good for our health and development of our relationships, reminding us how to be social, how to take turns, and importantly, the dynamics of a family. So, crack out Game of Life, Scrabble or Guess Who and try not to let things get too heated!

Outdoor Games
You might feel a little silly drawing hopscotch onto your patio if you’re past a certain age, but if you have children, those chalk games that we loved growing up are still every bit as fun today! Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten about your inner child, there are loads of resources online to help you. In fact, things have progressed rather a lot since our day. Now, there are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to pavement chalk games, probably including tons of new ones that you’ve never even heard of.

It’s not just the chalk stuff. There are classics like ‘Red Rover’ that you can teach to groups of children, swingball to dig out the garage in the summer or Twister, which can be played both indoors and out.