Put your snooping hats back on, this week QueensOfVintage.com has been invited to East London to the home of photographer and vintage collector Emma Jane Spain.

Emma says:

‘I’ve spent most of my life in auctions, junk shops, car boot sales, and other peoples’ abandoned houses with my family. So much of my bits and pieces I’ve had for years and years as I’ve always been into this kind of stuff. My family are all the same, hoarders and mad about toot and junk.

My parents were antiques dealers, they had an antiques/junk shop and market stall on Cheshire Street (East London), until I was about eight. The area changed a lot during this time and they wanted smarter shops and a tidy market!

They then went into the house clearance business and had a junk shop in Hackney for a while. When they retired and moved to France, one of my brothers took over their business.

What I always found interesting is that unlike most people, because my parents moved from Ireland in the Sixties with very little stuff, we actually have very little family history within objects we own that pre-date my immediate family.’

Emma takes us on a tour…

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5 Responses

  1. Tara

    I love the birdcage. Emma’s got the best collection of things ever, my photos don’t really do it all justice!

  2. Leilani

    I loved this interior peep– especially the details of how and where she’s collected the items. Does she have a Web site of her photography up? I’m curious to see her own artwork. 🙂