zac-efron-me-orson-welles-posterFrom her angelic dresses in Romeo + Juliet to her Thirties style in Me and Orson Welles, Claire Danes has had her fair share of vintage-inspired costumes. Laura Terry takes a look at her roles and retro fashions.

Our fashion love affair with Claire Danes first began when she starred in a little known film called Romeo + Juliet, alongside the very lovely Leonardo DiCaprio. Accomplishing what most people had failed to do in the past, Baz Luhrmann’s 1997 version made Shakespeare appeal to a whole new generation by featuring a young cast and giving us some fabulous fashion to ogle at too.

Sprouting a pair of angel wings and a stunningly simple white dress, Claire’s ‘modern day’ Juliet was a masterpiece in classic vintage, while the lush masquerade party provided plenty of scope for going OTT on costumes. While Mercutio’s drag act was pretty special, it was Juliet who stole the show and Romeo’s heart dressed as a pure, yet extremely seductive angel.

It also laid the foundations for Claire to be recognised as something of a blossoming fashion icon- a reputation she has more than lived up too over the years. The next time we really noticed Claire exploiting her natural vintage flair was in the hit fanciful flick, Stardust. Pretty lilac frocks, gothic jewellery, elfin long blonde locks and a corseted body to kill for- we loved Claire in this role, as she got to show off her natural beauty in a variety of 18th century costumes and win the heart of a handsome bloke in the process!

However, it’s her most recent role alongside Zac Efron in Me and Orson Wells that is undoubtedly her biggest vintage success to date. Unashamedly retro and set in Thirties America, Claire dazzled in fitted pencil skirts, pretty cotton blouses and cute flower embossed cardigans, while charming the lovely Zac in the process. Having seen previews from her next film too, it’s fair to say Claire is naturally gifted when it comes to recreating and perfecting looks from the past.

 features Claire rocking cowboy shirts, manly brogues, a linen Mac and a denim pinafore to perfection, while playing the title role in this hard hitting movie. We reckon if her previous fashion hits are anything to go by, 2010 will no doubt see Claire taking her vintage film roles to new heights.