Jeni Siggs, aka vintage blogger Yesterday Girl, has a thing for Lucite. And why wouldn’t she! Most vintage lovers will know Lucite as that pretty transparent material used to make darling handbags, shoes and jewellery during the Forties and Fifties. Here Jeni looks back at the material’s history and has some amazing Lucite items available to buy now.

Lucide has a complex and interesting history and has been used in various forms since 1843. Nowadays we may also call it plexiglass, perspex or acrylic, but these descriptions all describe basically the same thing: a transparent thermoplastic that is used as a cheaper alternative to glass. But let’s face it Lucite just sounds nicer.

During World War Two Lucite had various uses, including periscopes for submarines and gun turrets for aeroplanes. It is used for motorcycle helmet visors, aquariums, and even the area at Ice Hockey matches that protects the spectators.

So what is it about vintage Lucite goodies that we love so much? Well first of all there is something rather naughty about being able to see inside a ladies handbag isn’t there?

And there is something rather sexy about a perfectly painted pair of feet peeking out from under a beautiful dainty pair of Lucite shoes a la Jayne Mansfield (left).


Majestic Box Bag, $95










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