Have you ever tried to copy Sixties It girl Edie Sedgwick’s heavily kohled black and white eye make-up? I have, and I’ve failed miserably every single time. But fear not, QueensOfVintage.com has found an amazing step-by-step video tutorial which will make copying Edie’s looks as easy as can be.

10 Responses

  1. isabelle

    Thank you for that great idea ! I didn’t think that Edie’s make up was so complicated.

  2. naomi

    ooo, thanks for that, though don’t think I’ll get much time to give it a go, looks a little more complicated than my makeup routine!

  3. Amanda

    Oh man, I’ve been trying to get this right for ages. Great tutorial.

  4. Lauren

    thank you so much for posting this! i’ve always wanted to know how to make my eyes look like edie’s. xx

  5. Laura

    She makes it look so easy! It’s really hard to get it symmentrical – so much practice!

  6. Rebecca

    I’ve been doing similar makeup to Edie for a while now and have never thought it was that difficult!