1Sometimes it just so happens that a vintage girl falls for a non vintage guy. A guy who wears in-fashion jeans from Topshop, one that goes to drum’n’base club nights, one who buys his furniture only at IKEA and who thinks Bakelite is diet bread. Anna-Marie Crowhurst has written the ultimate guide on how to survive when you’re new chap isn’t into vintage.

So, sometimes, even though you’ve spent many a good night swigging martinis dressed as Diana Dors circa 1958, and taking Lindyhop lessons, and haunting Alfie’s Antique Market, and winking at anything in head to toe corduroy, you accidentally get it on with someone who isn’t vintage. And you’re like, ok, so he wears a fashion cardigan and G-Star and listens to punk funk… it’s fine. He’s a prime hunk of mancake with his own record label and an appreciation of tatty Penguin novels and skulky old man’s boozers.

And he makes me all funny in my pants. And, well really, maybe I used to dream of having a boyfriend with a jaunty moustache and a penchant for nylon dress shirts… but really, how shallow! How snobby! It’s just clothes, it’s just denim, it’s just electronically-tinged music with a repetitive dance beat. But is it though?

I went out with someone who wasn’t vintage once – for a whole year. He didn’t dream of a tiki-themed kitchen, he didn’t understand why I had to wear a hairnet in bed, or swing nana handbags around, or drink gin, or listen to Radio 2 on Sunday evenings. It was weird. But I learnt some things though and I survived and he survived and actually it was all rather lovely. And so this, my ladies is how to survive if your boyfriend isn’t vintage.

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4 Responses

  1. Jenny Hammerton

    This is GENIUS in every way. i wish, I wish, I wish I had seen this before my last relationship ended so I could have used the line, “perhaps you should go out with someone less vintage.” I love it! jx

  2. Frank

    This happens a lot here in the states, because a man’s interest in anything vintage pretty much implies he is either religiously conservative (cars, guns, military) or gay (clothes, movies, music).

    I hear a lot of retro gals *wish* their guy would get with the passion, but truth be told, they probably picked him because he’s more of a man if he’s a conventional “lad.” If he got into it, great, but if he already WAS into it she probably would have found him less desirable.

  3. Chap

    Got any tips for Chaps going out with non vintage girls??

    • Lena

      Same tactics? You could start by buying her a few vintage accessories (think bags, jewellery, maybe vintage inspired underwear). Or buy her vintage versions of stuff that is ‘on trend’ right now on the high street: 40s tea dresses, 50s Grace Kelly style or – if you can bear it- 80s stuff.

      You could also buy her a vintage hair styling make-over as a present so to gently introduce her to eye liner and lip stick.