shcklivingmainAs the credit crunch is still upon us, more and more Britons are choosing to holiday at home. However, not all of us associate our dismal English weather with glamour, and for many pitching tents, using portable toilets and skipping showers is far from a luxurious getaway.

But fret not girls, now there’s a stunning vintage place to stay in Britain in style, with beach barbecues and seaside walks, you can relive your childhood memories by joining Lauren Candon in the new camping craze.

The girls and I begun our vintage journey at the Isle of Wight by going back to the 1840s and visiting Queen Victoria’s summer getaway at the infamous Osbourne House. Here we took a horse and carriage ride to the ornate 19th century building through the beautiful English heritage gardens to vacate just like royalty. All aspects of the terraces had been restored to their Victorian layout, and there was even a small tea house where the girls and I had jam and scones and soaked up our great English history.

After our tea break we were ready to head to the Vintage Vacations shack where we would be staying. Situated in the picturesqueday time heart of the Isle of Wight, it’s minutes away from a gorgeous sea breeze and the softest white sand to sink your toes into. Here the girls and I spent our time sunbathing, splashing around in our vintage Hunter Wellington boots and attempted to fly kites down the beautiful rolling hills.

The shack was surrounded by other vintage cabins and classic railway carriages including an airstream trailer from 1965, making it the only place for us vintage lovers to ‘stay-cate’ in England this year. The girls and I were in ore of its vintage riches from old paintings to antique crockery, crocheted blankets, patterned curtains and whistling kettles.

Alongside this was a gorgeous veranda where the girls and I went to read our cheesy vintage romantic novels in the front green or relax in the cute patterned hammock. The house also runs on solar power making it eco friendly at a time of great environmental concern, so we were reducing our carbon footprint whilst living the life at the same time!

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