Ana Durdevic, a graphic designer and illustrator from Denmark made her very own wedding bouquet out of vintage brooches for her wedding in Ribe (Denmark) in November 2011. Here she shares a fantastic how-to guide so you can make your own bouquet, be it for your big day, or as a brilliant present.

You will need:

I used 20 brooches.
1 bunch of silk hydrangea – remove leaves
18” 20-gauge green wire
Floral tape
Wire cutters
40 cm length x 30 cm width gold or silk fabric piece
Ribbon for handle
20 Connector pins

First step:

Fold two pieces of wire in half. Loop wire through each brooch. I used two pieces of wire on each brooch, twisting each piece by itself and then twisting together. Attach the wire to your jewelry pieces. For heavier pieces you will want to use a couple of pieces of wire.  The wired brooch should not droop when you hold it between two fingers otherwise it will not hold up in the finished bouquet. Cover the “stems” with floral tape.

Hold the hydrangea in your left hand.  Insert your wired and taped jewelry pieces one by one and hold it very tight otherwise they tend to rotate.  The hydrangea acts as an anchor point and helps shape your bouquet, filling in any gaps between the jewelry pieces so you cannot see the wires.  The hydrangea will be completely covered when you are done with your bouquet.

After you have added all the wired brooches and have the bouquet in a shape you like, gather all the wire ends tightly together and wrap/tape them with the flower tape to form the handle of the bouquet.

Second step:

Take the silk fabric, fold it in the middle and wrap it around the upper part of the stem closely around brooches. Hold it tight and pin it place. While holding the fabric in place start wrapping the ribbon around the stem of the bouquet and pin. Use the leftover ribbon to make bows and pin them under the silk fabric. This way you can hide any flaws and fabric sticking out. It will take some time to make it perfect- so practice beforehand.


Decorate the handle with leftover brooches. Voilà a beautiful and unique bouquet you can treasure forever.