The Fabulous Miss K: A new year is often the time to set a few goals for the months ahead. Being a vintage gal, I do love my glamour and so it is my intention to try bring a little more of it into my life this year.

It’s especially hard this time of year when the summer seems an age away – as I write the snow is falling, and the prospect of going outside looking fabulous is waning as all I want to do is curl up with a cup of tea in my warm PJ’s!

vintage bag

So here are my 10 ways to bringing a little vintage glamour into your life for 2013:

Wear red lipstick – an instant lift for your face, there is a shade out there for every skin tone or, if the prospect of a full-on red lip is too scary, use a gloss instead.

Drape yourself in fur – whether real or faux depending on your principles – especially with this weather, there is nothing warmer than a fur coat or wrap to keep out the chill.

Buy a hat – also perfect for winter. It keeps your head warm, can disguise the worst hair days  and look totally fabulous.

Drink your tea from a vintage teacup. I am sure you vintage gals have them already, but if not, buy a lovely teapot and teacup and set them up on a little tray to give yourself a treat.

Don a pair of heels – yes, I know they are not practical in the snow but walk to work in wellies and keep a pair under your desk or at least wear a pair a least once a week – they instantly make you feel more glamorous, plus they make your legs look miles long.

Buy yourself a new handbag, go for a bright coloured one rather than the normal boring black or brown – vintage handbags can be bought quite cheaply and they will give you a little boost to get through the winter blues and not make too much of a dent in your bank balance!

Put together a “mood” board of all your favourite vintage outfits – buy a large scrapbook or piece of card and pin ideas of looks you want to wear through out the year.

Sort out your wardrobe – get it organised so you always have something to wear, mend all the clothes that need fixing, or dry clean or wash things ready for the summer months, give your shoes and handbags a polish – you will feel very satisfied with all your hard work afterwards!

The Fabulous Miss K is Karen James Welton, a freelance stylist with 20 years experience in fashion and beauty. Based in Norwich, she works both locally and in London. She is the former fashion editor of Urbane Magazine, has worked with Life Matters EEN, the Iceini Guide and is a writer and stylist for Vintage Life Magazine.

She currently runs styling vintage styling workshops and shopping trips and organises fashion shows, fairs and events.

2 Responses

  1. Theresa

    Those are all great tips that I’m going to share on my FB page! BTW, love the photo of the red handbag! It is actually a purse from our website that sold a while ago. Wish I had kept it! It was one of those fab reversible ones.

  2. Denise Dougherty

    Charming article. However, the light color text is difficult to read.