There just are some days when we wake up, tired, late for work, kids not ready for school yet and can’t be bothered with heated rollers, finger waves or pin curls but still want to look vintage fabulous. Australian vintage queen Candice DeVille has got this fantastic guide to a quick and easy vintage do that won’t take more than five minutes.

Also  known as Super Kawaii Mama and one of Australia’s biggest vintage bloggers, Candice is living proof that looking like a vintage queen every day is indeed possible. Here she’s sharing how to achieve an amazing vintage do in under five minutes.

Check out Candice’s daily blog here.

7 Responses

  1. Carley

    Candice DeVille always looks gorgeous and does great video guides. If I’m getting lazy with my look I just check out her blogs and become completely re inspired.
    Thanks Candice.

  2. Nerie

    Wow that looks really easy. I think I’ll give this a try tomorrow! Thanks for the awesome post. I’ll keep checking back!