Now that spring has possibly sprung I’m thinking about one of the reasons why I love vintage clothes – colour! Through the depths of winter and grey days all you see around you is people dressed in dull dreary colours but very often you will find a vintage gal wearing a splash of colour even on the darkest of days.

Vintage hatsThey just seemed to make clothes in brighter colours then – the soft water colour shades of the Thirties, lush autumnal shades of the Forties, vibrant florals of the Fifties and clashing pop art of the Sixties.

So here are my top tips to bring a little colour to your wardrobe even when the skies are still grey:

• Bright scarves in all colours and patterns will add colour to any basic outfit

• Instead of choosing a neutral colour for your twin set  go for poppy red – great with navy or black – or try mixing a rose pink with brown or camel

• Do as one of my style icons Diana Vreeland suggested and wear bright coloured gloves with a dark suit – purple or green with grey looks stunning or give shocking pink a go

• Vintage hats are great for adding a pop of colour, so ditch the dull beret and go for vibrant shades instead

• Even something simple like changing your normal, navy or blag bag for a different shade

Wearing colour makes you feel better, walk taller and gives you more confidence.

You never know, it may even encourage the sun to come out and stay!

The Fabulous Miss K is Karen James Welton, a freelance stylist with 20 years experience in fashion and beauty. Based in Norwich, she works both locally and in London. She is the former fashion editor of Urbane Magazine, has worked with Life Matters EEN, the Iceini Guide and is a writer and stylist for Vintage Life Magazine.

She currently runs styling vintage styling workshops and shopping trips and organises fashion shows, fairs and events.