Sometimes a few new buttons and a bit of experimenting with accessories is all it needs to transform a boring thrift find. Lucy Housman has given an old granny blouse a new lease of life doing just that.

I thought that for this week’s revamp, buttons and accessories would be good to experiment with, or to be more precise, I was wondering just how much buttons and the right accessories could transform a garment.

Recently, I found this rather dowdy white blouse. It’s an absolute granny classic, but I am rather loving the little lace around the neck. I am quite shocked at how see-through it is considering that the target market is presumably the over 50s, but on the plus side, the light-weight fabric is ideal for spring and summer and it certainly keeps layering on the agenda.


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  1. Lauren

    Buttons are great, my friend has sewed a vintage collection onto her Primark beret, and it instantly looked classy and stylish.

    Plus, loads of buttons on eBay are sold in pretty vintage tins!