One of the reasons so many of us enjoy vintage is the idea of us stepping into a different character in a different world. Although the highstreet is making vintage replicas non stop at the moment, there is nothing like an authentic dress to get you excited.

The clothes you choose to wear should uplift your spirits, especially when its 8am and you are battling to get onto the Central Line. Nautical Vintage does just this. It is the perfect escapism from the drib and drab of ordinary wardrobes. Suddenly you are no longer mixing in with the rest, you’re decked out for a perfect day at sea. Emma Humphrey got into the sailor mood for us.

Nautical fashion itself is rumoured to have started as far back as 1846 when people wore it out of respect for the Navy and it does the rounds every season. The good thing about the nautical theme is that there is something for everyone. If you’re more in tuned to wearing trousers, grab some wide legged navy trousers.

Or if you are strictly a dresses-only vintage gal there’s always a large selection to choose from and it doesn’t have to be stripey. Polka dots are also seen on nautical items and are more flattering on the figure.

Whenever you step into a vintage shop you can always guarantee there is going to be one or two nautical items. Knitted jumpers with anchors on, striped T-shirts and dresses with a classic white turned collar are among a few that will get your pulses racing.

Beyond Retro has some amazing nautical finds at the moment. A favourite of mine was a navy cropped jacket with gold brass buttons and a gold rope detail on the end of the sleeves for only £30. It’s perfect for adding a touch of nautical to any outfit.

jacketTo wear head to toe nautical you need to be careful you don’t over do the theme to the point of fancy dress. Dresses are great for this as they are not too much but keep you in character just enough.

With the highstreet churning out so many nautical inspired pieces, it is easy to fall into the cliché of the nautical style. If you wanted to avoid these and keep it interesting I found a vintage sweatshirt with sail boats on that would look great teamed with deck shoes and denim cut-offs for a casual look.

If you work in an office and can’t get away which such colourful attire, wide legged trousers with a blouse would be a perfect option for you. They currently have loads in the East End Thrift Store for £20.

With the weather the way it is at the moment I think we could all do with adding a little French Riviera sailor chic to our wardrobes this winter. So float along to your favourite vintage shop and see what nautical goodies they have to offer. Best part about it is owning a boat isn’t essential.

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  1. Bree

    I’m a Navy wife so I especialy love nautical looks. I just love vintage dresses, & blouses with sailor collars. Or anything nautical themed paired with red heels or ballet flats. big red bows, stripes, gold anchor broches Very classic!