The first ever lava lamp, the Mathmos Astro, was launched in 1963 – it became a symbol of the swinging Sixties and has been in continuous British production ever since. Happy 50th!

Mathmos company founder and eccentric inventor Edward Craven-Walker originally developed the lava lamp from a design for an egg timer he saw in a Dorset pub. After several years of developing the formula, the first lava lamp finally came to market in 1963. The “Astro” and “Astro Baby” were the first two lava lamps launched in 1963 and 1964 respectively. They were an instant hit and became one of the defining products of the swinging Sixties appearing in cult TV series from ‘Dr.Who’ to ‘The Good Life’.

David Bowie and Marc Almond are just two well-known lava lamp fans. Did you ever own one? Have you got one now? Mathmos have just launched a heritage range, I so want one!



Edward and his wife Christine travelled the country selling from the back of an ex-postal van, also known as ‘Smokey’.