Vivien Leigh would have been 100 years this week. One of the best British actors of all time, Leigh’s beauty and style continue to fascinate.

If you’d like to take inspiration from her look, try this amazing hair tutorial video by the fab Lisa Freemont Street on Vivien Leigh-inspired Thirties hair and make-up.


Vivien Leigh - by Laszlo Willinger. Restored by jane for Doctor Macro's High Quality Movie Scans website: Enjoy!

8 Responses

  1. Marie Christopher

    I keep attempting to grow my hair longer so I can do these styles, but just give up before it gets to be the right length…..My hair has been short for too many years.

    • Marie Christopher

      I love the tutorial…Glorious! Thanks so much for doing this for us.

  2. Glamourdaze

    Another winning hair tutorial from Ashley at Lisa Freemont Street. A rare gem was Ms Leigh. Incidentally – the popular ‘snood’ worn by women in the early 1940s drew its inspiration from Vivien Leigh – who sported them in Gone with the Wind!

  3. lily

    I find these styles much kinder on the hair and for any age. I keep the front part of my hair a bit shorter for the curls to look bouncy. The best part is that hair can be by mid neck and not have to be long to look sexy.

  4. Emileigh

    This look is fabulous, and I love Vivian Leigh! In fact, the “Leigh” part of her name was inspiration for how many name, Emileigh, is spelled. My mom is a big “Gone With the Wind” fan!