We love this fab Thirties hair tutorial by Miss Amethyst (she’s one of our Vintage Queens!) who runs lovely blog The Pink Retro Powder Room, where she shares lots of great tips about vintage styling. In this tutorial she shows a step-by-step way to re-creating a Thirties set.

What you need:
RedKen *iron silk 07, butterfly clips, pin curl clips, rat tail comb and a pick>

The set is ideal for a layered bob with Betty bangs.

Start out with two rows of 1 inch sections of pin curls going toward the face. The one inch base pin curl will provide the foundation of the hair style being poofy.

Depending on where you part your hair, take down a 2 – 3 inch section of the hair and do slightly larger curls. You want your top row to be 2- 3 inches off base.

Repeat the same on the other side as well for the back.

Once dry, take out your pins and carefully unpick the curls without brushing out too much. Make sure you flatten the crown too. And you’re done!