leadThere is no better place to let your imagination and fashion creativity run riot than in the local charity shop full of beautiful vintage finds waiting to be discovered. Sophia Sheppard shares her top charity shopping tips.

In a charity shop each item is totally unique, with its own past. A dress you admire could be from the Fifties with a lovely romantic tale to it, or it could be relatively new and worn once, you’ll never know, mystery always follows a piece.

When walking into a charity shop there isn’t -usually- a fabulous polka-dot Sixties dress thrown in your face or a delicate patent heel knocking by your foot, the charity shopping experience is all about discovery. So to channel your zest for ‘that find’, here are some guidelines to direct you round that unsung vintage paradise.

1) Colour of the crop: Take a good step back from a rail of clothing, with your key colour palette in mind, perhaps a creamy silk or a sharp red, and spy out the striking piece. Flick through the items quickly, waiting for your unique find to catch your eye.

2) Never keep anything based on first impressions: Remember your personal style. The great thing about all items being cheap is that you can alter them to suit your own shape and taste.

Try rolling up the sleeves of a baggy blazer for tomboy chic or imagine shortening a long, drab dress to a cute mini. Adjustments like rolling up, tucking in, tightening and tugging make all the difference. Use your creativity.


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  1. rachel

    this article is the best I have seen on QueensOfVintage in a long time. Brilliant tips. I think the model is beautiful and tomorrow I will trip into town and grab some hot deals myself and feel smug knowing the £ goes to charity too! yay sophia has the eye.