Is there such a thing as a vintage scene in a city famous for it’s trashy WAG style? Martha Hayes has met up with Kate Harris, owner of Liverpool’s Little Red Vintage shop to chat about the city’s newly found love for vintage, her famous customers and her favourite vintage items.

As the owner of a vintage shop in Liverpool, you’re faced with two problems. One is how to set your business apart from your quirky competition in the buzzing vintage scene that’s emerged as part of the so-called ‘Capital Of Culture 2008’. The other is how to appeal to fashion lovers in a city populated by designer-clad WAGs and Primark-clad WAG wannabes.

There’s one shop that needn’t sweat on either account. Little Red counts footballer Steven Gerard’s missus Alex Curran (well, I never!) alongside the Hollyoaks girls among its customers and sells uniquely restyled vintage pieces as part of its cute collection of dresses, skirts, tops, and accessories, and that’s just for girls!

It’s all down to owner Kate Harris, 29, who founded the popular little vintage boutique in alternative shopping emporium Grand Central just three years ago. Painted bright red, naturally, you can’t really miss it. And neither would you want to. From Eighties statement earrings that will definitely get you noticed to Sixties shifts and Seventies maxi prints, every item has been cherry-picked by Kate herself and is incredibly wearable.

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5 Responses

  1. Alex

    This shop looks fab! Is there an address or website so I can go shop?x

  2. Michelle Dwyer

    There’s loads of great Vintage and independant designer stuff in Liverpool, Grand Central is a good place to start. I miss old Quiggins though :o)

  3. polly

    i live in london and have been traveling up to liverpool for over 10 years to buy outstanding vintage clothes and other antiques.. so to say that the “scene” only emerged after capital of culture is utter nonsense like every city in england you have your wags and chavs and whatever else… but some of the coolest people i know also call the city home… if you head to places like lark lane.. you get a true taste of how wonderful liverpool is….

  4. Julie

    Your comment about Wag wannabes etc is utter rubbish how dare you stereotype people in this city what exactly qualifies you to make that judgement.