Not everyone was impressed with the live televised revival of Grease. The beloved story set in the sock hopping days of the 1950s was met with mixed reviews from critics. But one thing is certain—the retro fashion was on point. It provided the perfect inspiration for some retro pieces that would make amazing additions to any winter wardrobe.

For starters, there was the ever-present cardigan—a retro staple that easily warms up any outfit. The rules for wearing a cardigan are pretty simple, but if you really want to recreate that retro look, try a pastel-coloured sweater over a flare-style dress or high-waisted skirt. And make sure that the hem of the sweater is only a few inches past your waistband.

And let’s not forget the importance of a leather jacket. Sandy’s fitted leather jacket in the ending sequence was one of the most iconic pieces of wardrobe throughout the story. The jacket’s undone belt gave the it an abrasive, rebel appearance on the outside, while the deep crimson lining on the interior added a sexy, feminine touch. Anything leather or faux leather will keep you nice and toasty in the winter, but you can really heat things up with a pair of leather/faux leather leggings. It will give you the same look as Sandy, but you’ll likely be a bit more comfortable.

Of course, you can’t leave out a well-fitted dress with a pencil skirt bottom, Pink Ladies style. You can pull off the look two ways. Rizzo’s way will have you wearing a form-fitted, knee-length black dress, while Marty’s way will have you wearing a two-piece outfit with a fitted top tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt. If you browse through this dress collection for inspiration, you can find quite a few different ways to mix and match pieces to recreate a similar look. In the winter, you can switch out Marty’s usual short-sleeve top for a long-sleeve variety, and top Rizzo’s skin-tight dress with a complementing satin jacket.

No look is complete without accessories, so make sure you have a light scarf to tie around your neck and a slick pair of cat-eye sunglasses to finish things off. Then you’re sure to be ready for the cold weather, or any last-minute sock hops you happen upon.