It’s all too easy to forget our parents and grandparents lived through those years and periods we now obsess about and show so much interest in. Ah, the stories they can often tell!

Just last week, Laura of fab vintage shop Paper Mothball Vintage got in touch about her grandmother Josephine who worked as a pin-up and fashion model during the Forties.

A farmer’s daughter, growing up in Kansas and Colorado, Jospehine¬†had entered her photo in a modeling contest for a campaign related to the war effort during the Second World War. A natural beauty, she won second place and as a result received many letters from soldiers.

When she became engaged, her mother sadly took the little shoe box in which she kept the letters and pictures and destroyed them. Little did it deter Josephine from pursuing a career as a model anyways, and she went on to successfully model for local department stores and on catwalks.

You find find more amazing pictures of Josephine over on Laura’s blog. Did your grandparents have an exciting profession?

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