Browsing junk shops, antiques markets, and car boot sales, you may be forgiven for never giving that tatty trunk or battered old wardrobe a second glance, but perhaps it’s time you looked again. Within those shabby shelves hides a wealth of restoration possibilities too good to pass by. Tara Gardner explains how you can give weary shelves a whole new lease of life.

It’s obvious to say that many collectors look for pieces in excellent vintage condition, but others seek something a little less grand. Many collectors will see the hidden value of a seemingly shy and tired vintage piece, regarding it as a great restoration challenge, and a fantastic investment.

There are lots of ways you can bring back the glory of a time-beaten set of vintage shelves, ranging from simple wood stains or varnishes to wallpapers and paints. Wallpapering and painting shelves not only gives them a unique character and style, but can also really liven up your living space.

So grab yourself a set of simple vintage wooden shelves from your local car boot sale, pick out your favourite vintage wallpaper, roll up your sleeves and get crafty with this guide to wallpapering your vintage shelves.

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