Pondsvintage8Beauty techniques of the past were a delicate art form in their own right. This winter you can create these classic looks with little effort thanks to a fabulous range by vintage favourite Pond’s.

Pond’s creams have been around for over 12o years, and their famous cold creme has got to be one of the most timeless multi-functional beauty products of all time. Passed on from mother to daughter for generations, the cold cream cleanser replaces a multitude of expensive products and functions as a cleaner, eye make-up remover, face mask and hand cream all in one.

Pond’s history dates back to 1846 when a pharmacist from New York introduced ‘Pond’s Golden Treasure’ as a ‘wonder product’. It was then re-released in 1886 as ‘Pond’s Extract’ and again in 1905 and ‘Pond’s Cold Cream‘.

Cold Cream CleanserThe product was so popular that in 1923, when Queen Marie of Romania visited the United States, she wrote to the Pond’s Company, requesting more supplies. Her letter was, in turn, used for advertisement, and Her Majesty joined the list of celebrities that had previously sponsored the products.

Pond’s have since brought out a whole range of creams, including a dry skin cream for winter and a special range for mature skin. The best thing about their products has got to be the price. All moisturizers cost only £3.99 and are available at Boots. Who said beauty had to be expensive?