QueensOfVintage.com has teamed up with Nina’s Hair Parlour, the place for vintage hair and beauty, to bring you regular news on vintage looks. This month, the fabulous Leila writes about how to get the perfect party hair

Hair is arguably the most individual thing about a woman’s style. And whether it’s fine and silky, or thick and velvety, it’s unique, just like you. When you know your hair looks good, you feel like a star and Leila intends to make sure you look like one too. Not every big night out will start with the precursory trip to Nina’s Hair Parlour, so it is not only up to the brave to go it alone. But fear not, you only need minimum gumption, a little bit of patience and a box of hot rollers handy and you can be ready to go in no time.

Wash and condition your hair a day before your Big Night, it’s easier to control. Hair has a tendency to go limp and too soft when freshly washed.

Use some hot rollers or hot sticks to set your hair first. Take a rat-tail comb and part the hair in your desired place, to the side or straight down the centre. Then start taking inch wide sections from the hairline on the front of your head.Take a section of hair at a time and place the roller on the end of the hair strand. Roll the hair over it pulling the hair tight around the roller and curling it inwards and towards your head.

Once the roller is lying against your head, clip it firmly into place. Too much hair on a roller will make the curl too loose. When you have rolled the entire head, your set is completed and you have a bit of time to let the hair cool down completely, usually around the time it takes to drink a martini, but 15 minutes should suffice.  Remove the rollers gently, making sure not to mess up the curl.

annex20-20mansfield20jayne_05Brush your fingers through your hair for a curly look or brush with a hairbrush to create the controlled curls and waves you’ll see on the fine heads of women like Jayne Mansfield.

To finish the look, spray it with some strong hold hairspray, pinch your cheeks and dash on some red lipstick and you’ll be setting the town on fire in no time.

Don’t forget to brush your hair before going to bed! Even your own reflection can be upsetting the morning after when that once beautiful bonce is bedraggled and more reminiscent of a mad professor than Marilyn.

De-tangle the hair that was sprayed with the hairspray first, and then gently brush it out. Pay special attention to the way you brush your hair, starting from the roots to the ends.