GracekellyNo other actress of the Fifties embodied Dior’s New Look as perfectly as Grace Kelly. Demure, graceful and elegant she was ideally suited to wear Dior’s 19th Century inspired, small-waisted princess gowns. Her position as style icon was immortalised when she became a real life princess and married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956 in a dress designed by MGM’s Academy Award–winning costumier Helen Rose. Here we have five amazing dresses, all available online, inspired by Grace’s impeccable style.







Velveteen Dress

This amazing designer vintage dress is bound to make you feel like a princess. It’s made of a soft, black cotton velveteen which has been machine embroidered in a scalloped, almost fish scale-like design in silky ivory thread.

Bust across front at fullest point: 19″
Back across at bust level: 18″
Total bust: 37″
Waist flat across: 14″
Hips flat across: full
Bodice side to waist area: 8″
Bodice length from upper edge to waist area: 9″
Skirt side seam: from waist area to bottom edge: 31″
Hem circumference: 121″

Label: Jr. Murray Bowen by Town and Country Wear Co. Ltd.

Buy it here for $129.99

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4 Responses

  1. isabelle

    Gorgeous! I once wore a 50′ style dress for a wedding. It’s funny to see how we’re moving carefully, walking with grace, with this sort of garment… You can’t act as if you were wearing a jean. This is why I like vintage clothes.

  2. Laurajo

    Stunning… makes me sad that I’ve gotten rid of many of my old vintage faves… mostly because they were too small. Speaking of which… does anyone know where to buy size 12-14 vintage clothing? I thought women were heftier back then, but all I ever find is teensy little clothing or hideous big pieces!!! Thanks, Laura

  3. Mary

    Hi Laura,

    I’d keep looking, if I were you. They are not as easy to find because of their wearability, but I have seen many beautiful larger items on ebay and etsy. Remember too that these gowns were meant to go with girdles and proper undergarments that cinched you in a bit, so maybe you might consider getting a vintage inspired girdle to go with some of the dresses. My waist size is 30, but with certain undergarments I can easily fit into dresses 2-3 inches smaller than that.