Phone60s2The humble telephone. We often take for granted how far this piece of technology has come and how deep an impact it has had on our lives. Over the years, the design of the device has varied greatly, often reflecting the aesthetic of the period as well as the phone’s invaluable function as the communication hub of the home or workplace. Alison Rowley takes a look at some of the most iconic handsets from the last century and hunts down where you may be lucky enough to purchase authentic pieces.

Phone10s1910s- The Northern Electric Number 20 series

There is something undeniably elegant about candlestick telephones and using their separate ear and mouth-pieces instantly transports you back to times gone by. First produced in 1904, the metal features of Northern Electric’s Number 20 series are cast in brass and in were initially nickel-plated before the company switched to a lower maintenance black paint finish later in the decade.

Freshly restored nickel plating ensures that this stylish original model stands as a gleaming hallway centrepiece. However, such beauty doesn’t come cheap and as nickel plated examples are rare, this phone will set you back $799.95 (approx. £497).


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