ve_day_street_party_1945_square_2What started off with the allied landing in Normandy in 1944 finally culminated in the end of the Second World War in Europe on 5 May almost a year later, and victory was celebrated with street parties up and down the country. Rebecca Hoh-Hale has compiled a great guide on how to throw your own vintage victory party.

This May marks 65 years since the end of the Second World War. Throughout May and June of 1945, after almost six long years of sorrow, fear, tragedy, ration books and blitzes, us Brits were ready to celebrate and Victory Day street parties were held up and down the country.  

These events were spontaneous and homemade and all the more fun for it. So in today’s times, when we barely know our neighbour’s name, why not throw your own street party, 1945 style, to get to know people in your community, to remember  how great peace is over fighting, or to look back at how our grannies and granddads weathered the war years or simply just as another excuse to put that tea dress on.


First and foremost you need to pick your street and possibly get permission from your local council, all the better if it is already pedestrianised, but if it isn’t you will need to get this sorted for obvious reasons! If this is looking like a no-no, parks and big gardens will make a great alternative.

With the formalities out of the way, you can set about sorting the decorations. Traditional street parties consisted of one long table down the middle of the road. Mostly everybody mucked in and brought out their dining table and chairs, garden furniture and older pieces from the back room. So do the same, the less everything matches the better.

Perhaps you could do a scout round your neighbours first, letting them know your plans, inviting them along and asking if they would like to contribute furniture to the proceedings.

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