Vintage pieces make your home feel original, like it’s part of your story and not just a place to live. Even if you aren’t completely sold on vintage décor, integrating a few vintage finds into your home can add instant character. Lauren Kostantin from fab vintage home deco shop Troubadour Mercantile (pictured) suggests five vintage mus-have home deco pieces that will give you the most bang for your vintage dollar.

1) Pyrex
I think every one in the world has used Pyrex at some point or another. From mixing bowls to refrigerator dishes and everything in between, it is one of those things that you collect (almost) guilt free because it is always and forever useful. Super durable with bold graphics and fun colors, vintage Pyrex stands the test of time even with daily use.

2) Architectural Salvage
The term casts a bit of a broad net, but the right find can inspire an entire room redesign. Cast-off wooden corbels, old iron heating grates, a collection of mismatched finials. You can transform your salvaged treasure or just display it as is. However, if you decide to add rescued architectural finds to your home, you can rest assured that they will become conversation pieces for years to come.

3) Graphic Tea Towels
Vintage linen tea towels come in endless styles, patterns, and colors. My personal favorites are printed with Scandinavian folk designs. You can find them easily at most antique malls and flea markets for a few dollars so it’s a pretty affordable collection to start.

4) A Steamer Trunk
Who couldn’t use more storage in their home? Steamer trunks are great at the base of a bed to store extra blankets, repurposed into a coffee table, or like in my case, as a toy box. My husband inherited a huge steamer trunk and it now sits in our living room. It keeps the toys out of sight and my four year-old thinks it’s a pirate’s treasure chest. We all win.

5) Wooden Ladders
I love ladders. They have limitless possibilities and bring an industrial farmhouse vibe to any space. Suspend over a kitchen island for a pot rack, lean one into a corner for a rustic quilt rack, or hang horizontally along a wall for shelving. Whether they are splattered with paint, adorned with rusty hardware, or just collecting dust in your garden shed you can bring it inside for instant vintage character.






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  1. Linda M Jung

    I just love Vintage anything! Moving to the country within a year and I want the whole house VINTAGE! Thank you so much for all the IDEALS! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!