Halloween is just around the corner and many of us will be going to a costume party. If you’re not going for a ghoulish theme, consider these five ideas for vintage-inspired costumes instead!

Go as a Roy Lichtenstein painting
Turn yourself into Sixties pop art by painting your face in contrasting dots and exaggerated shadow lines. Pair with an early Sixties hair style (or wig) and a simple wiggle dress.
As seen on  Mary Evalyn 

rosie the riveter halloween

Go as Rosie The Riveter
Dress up as US cultural icon, Rosie The Riveter who rallied women to support the war effort during World War 2. All you need is a workman’s overall, a dotted white and red scarf and Forties make-up.
As seen on  Rational Living


Go as Tipi Hedren in The Birds
Turn yourself into a Hitchcock heroin and go as Tipi Hedren. A blue or grey early Sixties shift dress and chignon up-do, paired with white gloves and a few fake crows and you’re done!

As seen on Awaiting Dawn 

Frida Kahlo

Go as Frida Kahlo
Pay homage to the Mexican artist and dress up in Mexicana inspired clothes such as a gypsy top and embroidered shawl. Don’t forget the flower crown hair do and pencilled in mono-brow.
As seen on Diary Of A Vintage Girl 

silent movie star

Go as a silent movie star
Don your favourite Twenties-inspired image – as long as it is black and white – add some grey face and body paint and you’re a silent movie maven. All you need now is your own little dialogue card.
As seen on Shrimp Salad Circus

5 Responses

  1. Dina

    Great ideas! However I have to add one note. Frida Kahlo always wore a floor-length skirt.

  2. Hannah

    I believe Tipi Hedren’s dress was green, not grey or blue. Still a marvelous list though 🙂