4If you have a vintage guy in your life, you surely don’t want to just buy him another tie this Christmas. You want to get him something special that he will love. Angel Cutsforth has this essential gift guide with five top presents for your vintage guy.

1) Fedora

Although this fedora isn’t vintage it still fits the vintage man’s look. Perfect for him to wear day to day or even on an evening. Go for a hat that suits the weather – a panama hat for hot countries, or a wool one for the colder climate – so that he can maximise the wear.

Buy it here for $88.00



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2 Responses

  1. Rebecka

    great advice! got my fella an edwardian silver cigarette case last year and he loved it – even though he doesn’t smoke its a nice thing to keep it stocked and offer cigarettes to those who do…and then you can get the matching vesta case, pocket watch, etc etc – the mathcing opportunities are endless!
    am knitting a tank top this year – all chaps i know seem to go rather wild over anything knitted vintage style as the originals are very hard to come by – and there are lots of good, uncomplicated and inexepnsive patterns on the web, often downloadable straight away. and you can get proper, shetland wool, for a very good price from Jamieson & Smith (http://www.shetlandwoolbrokers.co.uk/epages/BT2741.sf) – they do a jumper yarn which is the same as the 4ply yarn most vintage patterns use.
    other good knicknacks are vintage cufflinks and collar studs, vintage collar boxes in leather or bakelite, and a really stunning vintage tie or cravat never seems to go amiss.