Fox CollarVintage model and stylist Syd Divine has a few staples that every Forties era- loving dame must have in her vintage winter wardrobe.

As the season of fall slowly slips away, we embrace the sharp chill of winter, and we start to put away our cardigans for coats. Here are the top five accessories to start collecting, so you are sure to sport your best Forties winter style season after season.

1. A coat– whatever style of coat you may choose is really personal preference. There were several different styles available to choose from in the Forties.

Here are a few styles that were popular during this era: The princess cut, swing coat, polo coat, and of course the movie starlet glamour of the fur coat.

If you don’t have a fur coat, you can always pin or sew a fur collar of your choice onto a regular coat. This is a quick and cheaper way to transform you into that golden glamour evening look!



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4 Responses

  1. Ashley Stewart

    Great job darling, I couldnt have wrote it better myself. You really made sure to use every thing a gal of that time would have used; Gals these days should really take note that this Fashion is timeless.
    Well done. P.s love this Shot of the Gloves, and the Picture of you and Romeo tooken with my Agfa on 4th ave…love it.

  2. Alisha Lauren

    As a Canadian 40s enthusiast I certainly know a thing or two about keeping warm in retro style! I must say I was socked to see that my most coveted winter accessory was not metioned; the muff!

    I have oodles of fur muffs in several colors; some have lovely luxurious interiors, and some even double as purses. This item definately should have been number 6 on the list!

  3. Miss1940s

    Wow, I didn’t realize that people in Canada spelled “Shocked” …”Socked” Unless you’re Putting a Sock over you’re head because you cannot believe that Syd didn’t mention the muff in her Blog….hmmmmmm. Well, of course this is coming from a person who has about 250 pieces in her collection…Also the fact that Syd and I both live in a antique house, and Last but least the Vintage Ride’s we Drive :). I think Syd did a wonderful job on this Blog; this Gal that I call my Best friend knows her Vintage. Also I want to Point out one thing, Syd and I are Native to Arizona, and the one thing is for certain….No matter how cold it is… The weather never requires Muffs, and I think Perhaps Syd didn’t think that was an important piece of Fashion… At least a Sensible one….unless you want too look silly wearing Shorts, and a Muff….. What is this Hollywood 1939?
    Well, done Syd Again, you are one Heck of a Writer and Collector.