Every week Queens editor Lena Weber highlights one amazing vintage item that has caught her eye. This week she couldn’t resist this amazing Fifties velvet swimsuit, as sported by Marilyn Monroe.
What: Vintage Fifties black velvet bathing suit made of lastex and nylon (feels and looks like velvet). The suit has a wing ding bust with a sheer nude panel between the cups. Can be worn strapless.

Designer: Catalina. The company is one of the oldest apparel manufacturers in California and one of the best known names in the swimwear industry. The label is famed for featuring Hollywood stars in their advertising campaigns throughout the Thirties and Forties, using the slogan ‘Styled for the Stars of Hollywood’.

How much: Buy it for $385.00 at Glamoursurf

Why: Lena says “This Fifties swimsuit perfectly creates the glamorous silhouette and favoured hourglass figure of the Fifties. Because of its nipped-in waist and low legs it will flatter any body shape. It also oozes sex appeal without being revealing – if there is one thing we can learn from vintage swimwear it’s that showing less is so much more seductive than flashing it all.”

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