untitled1The Salvatore Ferragamo museum in Florence is not your average fashion museum, but a permanent tribute to Ferragamo’s legacy. Lucie Goulet takes a look at the palazzo which houses an extraordinary piece of fashion history.

The Palazzo Spini Feroni stands tall and massive by the Arno, a reminder of its glory days when it was, with the Palazzo Vecchio, one of the biggest buildings of the city. Italian shoe maker Ferragamo bought the Palazzo in the Twenties and made it the headquarters of his company. The museum opened in 1995 and is now housed in the basement.

The most unique trait of the museum is its collections. The three main rooms are all curated according to a central, recurrent theme in Ferragamo’s designs. The collections on display rotate biannually and are chosen ‘according to specific themes that deal with new issues and allow new fields of inquiry’. They mix the history of the house with its current creations and link Salvatore’s groundbreaking designs to the art world and Hollywood.

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