She is one of burlesque’s most successful performers and Britain’s favourite showgirl. has met up with the amazing Immodesty Blaize to find out more about her new show, her love for all things vintage and a Forties stole given to her by Wendy Richards.

Lena Weber: Tell us all about your new show, The Tease Show.

Immodesty Blaize: Expect the usual high voltage glamour! 2009 will behold plenty of champagne glass splashing, fans of fire, horse riding frolics, and Tainted Love against a backdrop of the most impressive array of bustular substance.

I’m very excited to welcome the world’s top burlesque stars again, including Catherine D’Lish, Kalani Kokonuts, Kitten De Ville and more, not to mention an incredible setlist from the legendary Marc Almond with my 12 piece Blaize Big Band, and the razor witted Julian Clary will be compering the show again. It’s always a big, lavish production which takes 65 people on the team to create, either behind or in front of the velvet curtain – so that’s why we only put it on once a year.

LW: Do you design your own costumes?

Immodesty Blaize: I design my own costumes, but I have a large team of costumiers who I’ve sourced over the years from across the world to build them. I create my acts myself and I can be inspired by anything, usually personal things – things I’ve seen on my travels, or a painting, or a piece of music I love, anything can give me ideas.

It usually takes between 12-18 months to create an intricate 10 minute act from concept through to design, building costume and props, prototypes, fittings, writing and arranging music, choreography and rehearsal, before its debut on stage.

LW: You are Europe’s biggest burlesque star, have you always been into burlesque?

Immodesty Blaize: Sure I have! But I have plenty of other interests in my life too, I like to be inspired by lots of different things.

LW: And was it difficult to get where you are now?

Immodesty Blaize: Like anything in life, you have to put the work in if you want to do something properly.

LW: Who are your own burlesque idols?

Immodesty Blaize: There are quite a few so I’m sure to leave some names out. Some of my favourites are Zorita (I have the white flash in my hair as a tribute to her), Lili St Cyr, Tongolele, Liz Renay, Satan’s Angel,  Lily Christine, and Blaze Starr.

Read on to find out about Immodesty’s favourite vintage era!

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  1. Fleur

    Fantastic interview! I disagree with her about not being able to do girlie as I do… and I’m 6’3 in MY heels! 😀
    But I think she looks better as a glamorous vamp anyway.

  2. Carmen

    I have to agree 🙂 Brilliant interview – I really enjoyed that. Thanks QoV.