Laëtitia Wajnapel has been running her successful style blog Mademoiselle Robot for two years and has recently launched her personal styling service. An avid vintage lover, Laëtitia chats to QueensOfVintage.com about her love for Fifties dresses and what five vintage items everybody should own.

QueensOfVintage: Tell us a little about yourself: where are you based, what do you do?

Laëtitia Wajnapel: Hello! I am a 30 year old Parisian living in Central London. In 2007, I started my blog, mademoisellerobot.com, after I had my little girl. It started off as a hobby, to get back into writing regularly, I have worked as a journalist and editor for nine years but took a break when I moved to London. Mademoiselle Robot quickly became my full time job, as it grew and grew and grew so fast that it now keeps my busy all day everyday. Tough, but rewarding!

I recently started a Style Consultancy service, so now people can hire me to help them with their personal style, or to organise their wardrobe. I like the idea of having a more hands-on approach to style, it is great to write a blog and to know people read it everyday, but you can’t beat real life can you?

But enough about work! I am the maman of a little girl who is nearly two years old and of two completely stupid cats. They all work together to ensure total chaos is achieved at the end of each day. I like it. It makes my life more fun.

QoV: How did you get into setting up your blog Mademoiselle Robot?

Laëtitia Wajnapel: I worked as a journalist and editor for about nine years. I stopped for a couple of years when I moved to London, but I was missing it. So just after I had my little girl, I started a blog to get back into writing. I didn’t really have any ambition for it, apart from forcing me to get back into a writing routine. I didn’t even intend it to be a fashion blog. It was more like a classic rambling blog about my life. Soon after, my readership started to grow, I started focusing on vintage fashion and it became a full time job! It all sort of just happened and I am really thankful for it because I love every minute of being my own boss.

3QoV: You’ve recently launched your personal styling service, Mademoiselle Style, tell us all about it! And how could you help someone looking for vintage?

Laëtitia Wajnapel:
As much as l love writing in my blog and giving people online advice when they email me, you can’t beat a face to face chat. I really wanted to find the best way to help people find themselves through their style. I offer a wide range of consultations on Mademoiselle Style, some of them can even be done online (so I can help people everywhere in the world). I wanted to keep my services affordable as well, so consultations start at £40.

One of the consultations I offer is called “Vintage Style Consultation”. The aim is to help people get into vintage, teach them how to incorporate vintage pieces in their wardrobe. Through my work and personal research, I have found many online and offline vintage shops where I know I will always find something. I can help someone look for vintage because I know which vintage style will suit which figure best and where to find the perfect vintage piece.

QoV: How would you describe your own style?

Laëtitia Wajnapel: Modern vintage and geeky with a twist. I love vintage clothes but am not a fan of the full on vintage look, at least not on me! My style is a pretty accurate representation of who I am basically.

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  1. catherine_sr.

    I think it’s great how Laëtitia combines vintage style, blogging, journalism and business savvy. You can tell she puts a lot of love into her Mlle. Robot.