zoe-bi1She’s the only European amongst the world’s top ten pin-up models and Switzerland’s most successful vintage girl. QueensOfVintage.com has met up with the gorgeous Zoe Scarlett to talk about her love for hot rods, Switzerland’s vintage scene and how she got into pin-up modelling.

Zoe Scarlett was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1984. She started her international pin-up career in 2006 and has since become a successful pin-up and burlesque performer.

Lena Weber: How did you get into pin-up modelling?

Zoe Scarlett: I took my first pin-up pictures in my boyfriend’s garage on a very cold day in January. I wanted to surprise him with some cute pictures when he’d return from his holiday. I never thought that this would be my future career! At the same time, Switzerland’s most famous newspaper, BLICK, advertised a contest called ‘the cutest neighbour’.

I spontaneously decided to take part in the contest and sent in the pictures I’d made for my boyfriend. Two days later, there was a huge picture of me on the cover of Switzerland’s BLICK! Well, that was the beginning of my pin-up modelling career!

LW: How does it feel to be one of the world’s top 10 pin-ups?

Zoe Scarlett:It was a huge surprise for me. My Canadian friend Kay O’Hara, who’s also a pin-up model, was totally excited and sent me an email with the news before the magazine that ran the competition, askmen.com, could inform me! I couldn’t believe it and was totally stunned.

LW: Is there a big vintage and pin-up scene in Switzerland?

Zoe Scarlett: Well, there is a hot rod and rockabilly scene in Switzerland. And where you have hot rods, pin-ups are not far away! It’s a pretty friendly scene – small but nice.

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